NXNE 2013: Beliefs at The Garrison

It’s that time of year again, Toronto: North by Northeast 2013 (June 10-16)!  All this week, the Telescope will be your prime source for NXNE reviews, so stay tuned!

The Garrison was a sauna. Beliefs were a jet engine. Sensory overload doesn’t begin to describe the night.

You’ll see a lot of old-man complaining on The Telescope, but this may be only time the line “too many guitars” seems warranted, due primarily to the stature of the venue. The din emanating from Beliefs’ entourage (they’re a duo at their core, but expanded by three for this show) rendered vocals completely inaudible, and that’s unfortunate—singing and lyrics are two of the many highlights on their debut album (as evidenced in “Carousel,” up above).

Pea-soup-thick intensity is often enough for a winning show, though—see: A Place To Bury Strangers—and Beliefs ultimately came out ahead by adhering to the discordant side of their repertoire (a tough mission, given the fierce Cousins set that came before).

See them in bigger and better venues.

-Scott Bryson


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