Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”

When a song’s as good as “Song For Zula,” your video doesn’t need to say much. This clip from Dead Ocean’s Phosphorescent was love at first listen.

Phosphorescent is the brainchild of Brooklyn via Alabama’s Matthew Houck. Houck’s been making albums since 2003, but his career really took off with the release of the single “Wolves,” from his critically acclaimed Pride (2007). It was—a few years after its release—featured in the Kevin Spacey film, Margin Call.

Phosphorescent’s 2013 offering, Muchacho (home of “Song for Zula”), is a well-designed collection that boasts whispers of Tom Petty’s timelessness and a voice where imperfections arise at all the right times. Houck’s singing makes me imagine the impossible love child of Conor Oberst and Jonas Bonnetta.

With warm spring weather here, I’m sure I’ll be absorbing many sunny days with this record as my soundtrack.



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