Wildlife – …On The Heart



You can say one thing about Wildlife with certainty: they don’t dither. They pick a direction and they run in it, full speed.

The Toronto outfit’s debut, Strike Hard, Young Diamond (2010), borrowed the blueprint for Wolf Parade’s Expo 86 and fed it through a Born Ruffians converter to create something—though not entirely unique—admirably rough and rattling.

…On The Heart is a beast of an album as well, but it’s of a noticeably different species. Think Snow Patrol, circa Final Straw, the Arkells or Longwave. If it were a statue, imagine it sitting on a pedestal in the middle of Guilty Pleasureville’s town square. Every drum stroke is thundering, each keyboard mash, anthemic, and nearly every tune chugs forward at highway cruising velocity (the few that take a breather remind of Death Cab For Cutie’s Plans).

Check out the album’s lead single, “Born To Ruin,” below. You can catch Wildlife at Canadian Music Week, on Thursday, March 21, at The Great Hall (midnight).

-Scott Bryson


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