Ladyhawk – No Can Do


I said a month ago that “It’s so hot that winter is starting to sound like a good idea.” I was dead wrong. This cold can take a hike.

The perfect time, then, for Ladyhawk to provide us with this last gasp of summer—one more beer bash in the woods before school starts. Anyone who heard something special in “The Dugout” (their first single) six years ago and stuck it out can now step forward to reap the rewards of their commitment; Ladyhawk may get better than this, but it’ll be just fine if they don’t.

No Can Do carries on with the gritty, gruff Constantines-rock that these boys can clearly pull off in their sleep, but stretches to add a few flourishes of heretofore absent melody (gasp, pop music!)—all at a refreshingly brisk pace. All killer, no filler. Check out the title track below.

-Scott Bryson

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