Milks & Rectangles – Milks & Rectangles


I’ll need to retract my previous assertion that Boxer The Horse is the best band on Prince Edward Island. It’s fitting, at least, that one of Boxer’s membership—one of several Milks & Rectangles moonlighters, Christian Ledwell—is part of the crew that toppled them.

You’ll find both Eels leanings and Pavement homage in this full-length debut (maybe a little Pogues, too; that one’s debatable)—a pretty even mix of somber contemplation and rambling quirk that borrows more than a little grime from the consistently astounding Halifax fuzz-pop milieu.

Simply put: unassailable pop; one of those hard-to-come-by albums where every song is worthy of recurring visits. A couple of these are in the running for top tune of the year, for sure.

Download Milks & Rectangles for free, right *here;* better yet, pony up a little cash and pick up a hard copy at your local record store. Check out a stripped down version of the album opener, “Hospital Patience,” down below.

-Scott Bryson

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