Scott Weiland – “Barbarella”

I’d always suspected Scott Weiland was not of this world.

This vid for his 12 Bar Blues hit pays obvious tribute to several sci-fi flicks and TV shows (including the titular Barbarella, of course), but here are two—likely inadvertent—connections you may not have considered:

1. The milk-Mork correlation: there’s an episode of Happy Days, methinks, where Mork (he dream-sequence guest-starred from time to time) tries to impress Richie Cunningham by drinking a glass of milk with his finger. Weiland and Mork did both come to Earth in egg-like contraptions, too.

2. The look: there’s something about Weiland’s appearance here that’s reminiscent of the Keram Malicki-Sanchez alien character, Zardip, from the ’80s kids show Zardip’s Search for Healthy Wellness (though I’m more likely remembering how Malicki-Sanchez looked on Catwalk).

Fly, Weiland, fly.

-Scott Bryson


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