John Southworth and Andrew Downing – Easterween


Thought John Southworth was kooky ten years ago? This is another level of weird.

Easterween feels like the place Southworth’s always been looking to end up, though. He’s transitioned through a half dozen pop selves over the course of seven full-length albums, and this is the first time he’s sounded completely comfortable in his own eccentric skin (or shell, maybe?).

Here’s the proposition: “A 500-year-old magician. A ruthless, multinational egg corporation. A love story between a Hasidic girl and an Amish boy. A band of sauciers and dumpling bakers. An egg-hunt of cosmic proportions to save us all from eternal winter.”

Easterween is Southworth’s less-bombastic stab at The Hazards Of Love, and it’s composer Andrew Downing’s hand that puts it over the top. Turns out, after all this time, what Southworth needed to complete his macabre cabaret was ominous flute and clarinet toots.

-Scott Bryson

Here’s Easterween’s “Nip It In The Bud:”


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