Powers – Powers EP


The Ghost Is Dancing aside, Jamie Matechuk—if he’s the one writing these songs—is on the run from some persistent specters. This Powers EP (debut single “Second Summer” is a fine model) is a glitchy and remorseful gush from end to end.

It not like epic idiosyncrasy wasn’t expected here—again, this used to be The Ghost Is Dancing—so a certain degree of overdramatization is tolerable, if not desired. And this isn’t anything close to a rehashing of past endeavors; the Powers brand mixes predominantly programmed beats with booming guitar riffs and a flood of rollercoaster synth. If there’s anything in this music that resembles The Ghost Is Dancing, it’s Matechuk and crew’s tendency to move too quickly for their own good—like a relay runner who’s out-sprinting the guy that’s trying to hand him the baton. When they stick to a manageable pace, though, Powers concoct some enthralling stretches of song.

Come for the seven-minute long “Tom Thomson” and an informative dose of Canadian cultural history (what’s with our obsession over semi-famous icons who inexplicably die on fishing trips? I’m looking at you, Tragically Hip), stay for the feeling you’re peering inside someone’s livingroom window.

-Scott Bryson

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