1977 – So Is The Sea

Spend enough time with Julie Kendall’s 1977 guise and you can detect her objective in the pit of your stomach: So Is The Sea is music to get dizzy to.

There’s a sickly, churning melody running under the surface of these five songs (especially the title track) and it twirls and teeters like an out-of-control carousel. It’s a stomach-turning ride if you don’t steel yourself against it, but once you’ve figured out how to accept the wooziness—become one with the spin—you find a comforting kinship in it.

Kendall and friends—husband Brent Hough (Bellevue), Jordan Bruce (Purple Hill), Owen Marchildon (From Fiction)—swing effortlessly through surf, no-wave, carnival pop and psychedelic folk revivalism on this EP, though the real doozy of the bunch—“Sunshine”—takes Kendall marginally out of her element for a beguiling tribute to Mazzy Star’s “Be My Angel.”

Not for the acutely queasy, then; just solid enough to satisfy ’til the new full-length rolls around. Check out the title track below.

-Scott Bryson


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