Beirut – “Santa Fe”

Wow, this guy’s having a really bad day.

Based on the belief that everything happens in three, the Sunset TV directed video has taken that concept to the extreme for Beirut’s single “Santa Fe” off the album The Rip Tide (Pompeii Records). An homage to Zach Condon’s hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, viewers are treated to a tragically hilarious interpretation of the classic story “boy loses girl, boy loses dog, boy gets hit with insanely high medical bill.”

Needless to say, our poor protagonist is very upset by his recent string of bad luck (and really, who can blame him?), but do not despair and file this one under “feel good videos.”  There really is a fine line between laughing and crying when things are so shitty.

One of the best videos of 2011 (at least in this Telescoper’s humble opinion), and there’s a moral to this sad story: when life hands you lemons, steal the purses of those being baptized on the beach.

-Michelle Farres

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