Folk Songs Of Canada Now

Free folk music? Count me in.

Head to the Folk Songs Of Canada Now Web site to download a 23-song album of modern folk music, performed by your favourite Canadian rock stars: Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players), Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell), Chris Eaton (Rock Plaza Central), Andy Magoffin (Two-Minute Miracles), Laura Barrett, Wax Mannequin, Al Tuck and more!

The album’s curator, Henry Adam Svec, has this to say about the collection:

“I was once a performance artist. But more pressing questions—both theoretical and practical ones—began to haunt me. What does it mean to be real? What comes after the annihilation of capitalism? How do we get there together? I wished no longer to only explore questions. I wished, suddenly, to answer them. So I became a folklorist.

There is probably much left for me to learn.  But this archive is the fruit of my first song-collecting journey across Canada, and I have given it for you.”

Check out “All Cats are Grey in the Dark,” below.

-Scott Bryson


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